Warwickshire County Honey Show September 28th 2019

Again at the Stoneleigh showground, the county Honey Show will be held alongside three interesting lectures

Staging from 08.00, full details are in the schedule which is attached to this article.

Online entry will be available from 1st September until 8.30pm Sunday 22nd September.  Go to the booking page HERE  Don’t worry if you miss the deadline, you can still enter on the day.

This year we have three nationally recognized speakers; we expect the day will appeal to all our members, whether they are taking part in the Honey Show or simply looking to improve their beekeeping knowledge by learning from others.

10.00am   “COLOSS survey and findings on winter losses from across Europe”. Dr Anthony Williams, COLOSS Survey Coordinator for England

The talk will explain a background and aims of COLOSS an international network of honeybee researchers. I will give an overview of the organisations activities and then focus on the hive monitoring working group. I will discuss the recent results of winter hive loss surveys and present a comparison of results received around Europe. If I have time I may touch on some of my research plans building a network of remote sensors for honey bee health monitoring and bee colony simulations in the presence of varroa.

11.30 am   “Basic Honey Bee Genetics for Beekeepers”. John Chambers.

To improve our national stock, we must collectively act in sympathy with the biological realities of honey bee genetics. This presentation starts by considering what a breed is, before revealing something astonishing about breeds of honey bee. Then, Gregor Mendel’s failure to improve his honey bees is contrasted with his landmark work with the common pea. The rest of the lecture provides insight into why he failed. By the end of this presentation, it should be clear why it is so damaging to import honey bee stock and how we can improve our local stock quickly, simply and optimally, using an augmented “bees know best” policy.

14.00  “Bees for Oil Seed Rape and Heather”. Joyce Nisbet.

Fresh from judging at our Honey Show Joyce will cover the tips and tricks involved in getting your bees prepared to optimise the early season honey crop from OSR and the late season honey crop from heather. Her talk will include:- Preparing / stimulating colonies for OSR; Moving bees if out-apiary; Extracting OSR honey; Preparing for going to Ling; Ling honey, comb & Sections; Fitting Varroa treatment round going to the Ling; and more!


Also we will have a couple of stalls to buy equipment and books.

Jeremy from Northern Bee Books is bringing copious amount of bee related books so for those taking there modules over the winter, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Simon the Beekeeper and his staff will be attending this year with ‘End of season offers’ including Suit and Jacket slight seconds, Tools and equipment, including Smokers, Hive tools, Polyhives, Frames and Foundation,Honey processing accessories, etc.  *Pre orders can also be collected on the day ( Order by 4pm Thursday 26th Sept ) Phone 01455 698242 Visit simonthebeekeeper.co.uk

Please register for the lectures HERE.  The lectures are free to attend for members, but it is important that we can plan for the expected numbers of attendees.

We also want to help those entering the Novice Classes at the Honey Show to get individual feedback on their entries. In a change to previous shows, the entrants will be offered the opportunity to attend the judging process so that they can hear directly about their entries from the Judge.

Updated schedule:

thumbnail of Schedule of Classes 2019