Tim Foden Remembered

A bench, donated by Ann Foden in memory of husband Tim, is pictured with David Blower, Warwickshire County Chair, and Peter Stanworth, Chair of WLBK at its unveiling last Thursday. In his address at the ceremony, attended by Ann along with Tim’s beekeeping friends and colleagues, Peter Stanworth remarked that the positioning of the bench outside our training apiary at Kings Hill Nurseries was particularly beefitting given Tim’s enthusiasm for training, not only in the practical skills of the craft but also in its academic aspects.

But Tim’s contribution to WLBK extended much further than training

As one-time chairman and honorary secretary for many years, Tim devoted his considerable administrative and organisational talents to meet the twin challenges of a burgeoning membership and of the application of digital technology to management of the branch.

Indeed, it is in recognition of the breadth of Tim’s contribution, that Peter went on to announce the Branch has established a “Tim Foden” trophy.

The Tim Foden Trophy

This is to be presented at the annual general meeting to that member who, within the first three years of membership, has made a significant contribution to the activities of the Branch.

In her response, Ann Foden recalled the pleasure that both she and Tim had derived from his Beekeeping and the many good friends it had spawned. She went on to reveal that the funds arising from the sale of his beekeeping equipment and other related items had raised £2,000 which she was donating to Myton Hospice for the addition of flowering shrubs to their garden…Specifically bee-friendly shrubs, of course! What else?!

Bernard Brown