Chronicles of a Novice Beekeeper – Ep.33

The season is wrapping up. The varroa treatment has been completed. For the first time I used MAQS on the 6 hives and Apiguard for the Nuc. The polyhives come with plastic queen excluders which I normally never use, so I was able to swap out the metal queen excluders for the plastic ones as I’d read MAQS can cause rusting of metals. I thought it interesting that it’s derived from formic acid, which is what ants use to protect themselves. I was advised to use one strip of MAQS for National hives as the dosage is set for Canadian and American hive size, which is bigger. While I was a little apprehensive with this new product, I found there were no adverse reactions to the hives using MAQS. I checked the drop yesterday and 4 colonies were low, with two being low/moderate varroa drop levels.

In spite of my not putting out wasp traps this season, the bees have so far seemed to be holding their own against the wasps, which is a great relief.

Jobs for this coming weekend include fitting the mouse guards, final feeding if required, and getting the supers in the shed for winter storage.

Denali Enns

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