Chronicles of a Novice Beekeeper – Ep.38

This month’s write up is a bit of a confessional. I don’t feel prepared.

I had a moment’s panic when I read an email from our branch suggesting swarm season is sooner than anticipated; what happened to February and March?! I just don’t feel very organised this year. Last year, attending Bee Tradex forced me to check my gear, plan for the season and make a shopping list. I wonder if this is because I don’t have the experience yet to have a robust routine established.

Well, no point in making excuses, I’d really better get cracking. The signs are there: the pear tree blossoms, bees bringing in pollen and attending a branch Zoom meeting about Swarm management last week really brings it home that the colonies are expanding.

Fortunately, I have some time off work around Easter which means I should be able to get some important jobs done. I’m thinking I’d better make a “To Do” list as there’s a fair bit to be done.  In summary, the bees are fine, it’s me that’s got the issues.

Denali Enns