Chronicles of a Novice Beekeeper – Ep.34

The autumn feeds have been completed on all 6 hives and a nuc. I’m concerned that one of my hives is being robbed. It was when I took a moment to watch the flight paths of the bees from each hive that I suspected it. When I heft that particular hive, it does seem lighter compared to my last hefting. Well, unfortunately, there’s not much I can do about it now if that’s the case.

This particular colony was the one that suddenly went queenless towards the end of the season and I had successfully requeened using the newspaper technique…hmm, maybe not quite as successful as I thought! Perhaps, I’m mistaken in this matter, but I think the next heft will reveal the facts of the situation more clearly.

I’ve really appreciated the bulk ordering which has been organised from within our local association as well as shared bulk ordering with a neighbouring association. This has helped me get my winter supplies in order. Last winter I ran out of fondant as I didn’t really understand how much the bees would consume. This year, I should have no reason to panic on account of fondant.

As I’ve kept the Nuc in our back garden, I’m able to observe quite closely what they’re up to. Some of the bees are still bringing in some full pollen baskets which is reassuring to see. I have no idea what they’re bringing in for nectar, if anything, maybe Ivy? There’s quite a lot of flowering Ivy nearby and if I pause when walking by it, it’s literally buzzing with all sorts of insects. As these bees are still successfully foraging, I’m reluctant to move them back to the apiary at present. I’ll aim to move them when we get a proper cold streak.

Denali Enns