Chronicles of a Novice Beekeeper – Ep.32

I ’m observing that the bees are bringing in very dark nectar right now, which I was told is honeydew. When I looked it up, it doesn’t sound very appealing, but I guess I’ll try it. There’s one super of late summer honey with a clearer board under it for extraction and the rest will be left for the bees.

The nuc which was under attack by wasps and relocated to my back garden last month has flourished. The bees filled the nuc to the point where I needed to add a Nuc super (with Queen excluder)! As of today, they’ve filled and capped three super frames. They seem to be finding good sources of pollen and nectar in the neighbourhood. This colony will overwinter in the Nuc.

The queenless colony which I united last month with a small nuc with a good queen was successful. They’ve now built up their numbers to a decent size for overwintering.

In July, I moved a Nuc into a hive and it seemed to be settling in nicely and had plenty of space, so I didn’t inspect them for a couple of weeks. On last week’s inspections I found them to be honey bound! I’ve read about this but never seen it before. There was brood present, but it was very sporadic. Luckily, I had a super of drawn frames recently extracted, so I popped it on. On today’s inspection, the bees have moved enough honey into the supers to free up three brood frames, which the queen has completely filled. There are no queen cells present and it would appear that the queen didn’t waste any time getting to work.

So, I guess the season winds down now…it’s gone by quickly. This is the second year that my bees have given surplus honey. I’m really pleased with the bees. I think they’ve done well in spite of our odd weather.

Denali Enns