Chronicles of a Novice Beekeeper – Ep.30

Well, I’ve done it again…I bought another hive! I have a hazy memory of assuring my husband after Bee Tradex in March that I absolutely wouldn’t buy anymore hives…hmmm…I hope I’m not developing a problem and if I am, I may need an intervention! Seriously though, I don’t have the physical space for anymore, although I did check whether I had space before ordering.

Honey was extracted one month ago from 5 supers and gave a very good yield. I promptly filtered it and stored it in buckets. I didn’t care to repeat last year’s mistake of what happens when you leave spring honey to sit too long before you get around to filtering it. This honey was mainly oil seed rape but also had a fair amount of spring blossom. I’m hoping there will be more fruit blossom nectar in the future as the allotment’s fruit orchard matures.

Each hive has two supers allocated to it. Last year that was sufficient for spring and summer nectar flows but this year is different. Presuming things continue smoothly, I think each of the 5 colonies will easily fill 3 supers. Whatever the bees collected additionally after extraction was left for their June gap stores and so far, it’s been enough. I’ve only had to feed the splits and the swarm which are in nucs. I will still monitor their stores, as I’m sure things can change quickly, in which case, I also have syrup on hand if needed.

So, in anticipation of summer nectar flow, I purchased a new super for each hive, and since I was already placing a bulky order, I thought I’d sneak in a new hive to my shopping cart!

Denali Enns