Chronicles of a Novice Beekeeper – Ep.7

A lot has happened in the past couple weeks; the apiary site is finished now.

Last Sunday I brought my nuc box to the association hives where we transferred a new queen, a few frames of bees and two frames of stores into it. I watched Dave Bonner deftly clip the wings and mark the queen. I was informed that it’s best to move bees in the evening this time of year to ensure most of the foragers are back in the hive.

And so, the following Tuesday evening, I picked up the bees and drove them to their new site. I was actually a bit nervous driving with bees in the car, but the drive was uneventful and the bees were very quiet during their journey. I brought them to the site and placed them.

I was advised to not transfer them into the hive right away, but to let them get used to their new location. It was a pleasure to open the entrance of the hive and see the first few bees emerging out to explore their new area.

I’ll do my first inspection tomorrow and will be looking out for signs of swarming and queen cells, as I was kindly advised to do! I’m really looking forward to visiting the bees tomorrow and seeing how they’ve settled in.

Denali Enns