Chronicles of a Novice Beekeeper – Ep.5

When I look back at my first entry from December 2017 I wrote that I hoped to have everything completed by end of February 2018. (Insert sardonic laughter
here). I’m still not 100% finished. I’m one concrete slab away from being done.

Unfortunately, due to one of the slabs landing flat on my hand, I had to to leave the project incomplete. As soon as I feel my fingers are ready to handle that sort of physical work, I’ll finish it. As it is, the site could hold one hive easily and two hives close together. In retrospect, I should have chosen a more level site. It’s taken over 150 kg of gravel to level it. Hopefully, I never have to do this again!

The overall location is really good. I’ve got red & white clover seedlings ready for planting around the concrete slabs. I’ve been cultivating wildflowers such as Cowslips, Foxgloves, Common Valerium and Giant Bellflower for the nearby forest. I noticed some Bluebells already there.

The hives are all painted and set up with frames & the nuc is ready to receive whatever bees come its way. If all goes well, I may actually have bees next time I write.

Denali Enns

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