Chronicles of a Novice Beekeeper – Ep.4

I’ve had more delays on the apiary site due to weather and work commitments. The gravel is down and laying the concrete slabs is the next job. I hope to have the site completed and the hives painted by Easter weekend.

I bought two complete hives with extra supers at Bee Tradex. I decided to go with National poly hives for the following reasons:

  • Good reviews from current poly hive owners
  • They are lighter weight than cedar
  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Affordability
  • Can be mixed with cedar National Hive components (according to the

My husband and I spent the rest of that weekend making nearly 70 brood and super frames with wax foundation. I must credit my husband for his patience as all the hive and bee equipment, including the painting supplies, are now stuffed into our third bedroom. It’s an eyesore! (Another reason I need to get the hives painted and site finished ASAP!).

I’m hoping to be able to purchase one or two overwintered nucs from the Coventry Branch Apiary, but I won’t know if they have any spare nucs to sell until our spring weather is more settled. I’ve also put my name down to assist with swarm collection, so I can learn more about it and obtain a swarm (or two) for my hives if needed.

Denali Enns

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