Entry for Warwickshire County Honey Show 2019

Welcome  to the County Honey Show 2019

The Honey Show is being staged in the NAEC Building at Stoneleigh Park.  It is a  ‘closed’ show for Associations and Branches within the County.  There is no public access to the Show this year – the whole day is purely for Warwickshire Beekeepers to exhibit, be entertained and to socialise.

Venue: NAEC Building, National Agricultural Centre,
Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG
Staging:                              8am-9.30am
Judging:                              10am-lunchtime
Show Open:                      2pm onwards
Presentations:                 3.30pm
Removal of  exhibits:    4pm

Please use the entry form below to register your entries.  Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email.  Closer to the show you will receive your entry confirmation and exhibit labels through the post.  Up until online entries are closed on 22nd September, you can edit your entries using the link in the confirmation email.  Late entries or adjustments will be catered for on the day, but please pre-register to make things go smoothly on the day.

The schedule is included below for reference, please ensure you read the notes for each entry.

If you are intending to attend the lectures on the day, please register HERE

For any help required, please mail webmaster@warwickshirebeekeepers.org.uk


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Branch entries

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Classes to enter

Class numberDescriptionEnter?
1Two 454g jars of light Honey
2Two 454g jars of medium Honey
3Two 454g jars of dark Honey
4Two 454g jars of Ling Honey
5Two 454g jars of naturally crystallised Honey
6Two 454g jars of creamed or soft set Honey
7Two sections containing Honey which may be square or round
8Two containers cut comb Honey each containing 200g minimum
9One shallow frame of Honey for extraction or for cut comb
10Six jars of Honey (min 227g, max 454g) as for public sale
11One 75cl bottle of dry Mead
12One 75cl bottle of sweet Mead
13One 75cl bottle of Melomel or Metheglin
14One plain cake of Beeswax. Minimum thickness 20mm, minimum weight 227g
15Six Beeswax Blocks - each 28g (+/- 5g) and uniformly shaped
16Two matching Beeswax Candles of any type or size
17One Honey Cake to recipe provided
18One Honey Cake to own recipe
19Six small cakes made or decorated with Honey
20Gift Honey - one 454g jar of light Honey
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21Gift Honey - one 454g jar of medium Honey
Would you like to buy back?
22Gift Honey - one 454g jar of crystallised or soft set Honey
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23Composite Attractive Display
24An item of own design/self-constructed bee keeping equipment
25A Work of Art to include a bee keeping subject
26One photographic print, colour or monochrome
27Novice: One 454g jar of light Honey
28Novice: One 454g jar of medium or dark Honey
29Novice: One 454g jar of crystallised or soft set Honey
30Novice: One frame of Honey for extraction or for cut comb
31Novice: One cake of Beeswax - un-patterned and having 150g minimum weight
32Branch / Association Composite Display
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