140th AGM of Warwickshire Beekeepers Association

  1. Agenda for the 2020 AGM deferred to 26 september 2020

2. 139th AGM of WBKA draft minutes for issue (3)

3. Accounts 2019.pdf final

4. honoraria and expenses policy WBKA AGM 27 3 2019 amended

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140th Annual General Meeting of Warwickshire Beekeepers Association

followed by a County Lecture

‘Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey’ by Clare Densley and Martin Hann.

All members of WBKA are invited to attend this on-line meeting to be conducted using Zoom web video technology. Full details to access the meeting will be provided beforehand, however registration is required. Papers for the AGM are available on the WBKA website (link required).  Please note that voting during the AGM is limited to Registered and Partner members of WBKA, but all members are welcome to attend.


“Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey’’ by Clare Densley & Martin Hann

The talk takes a look at the work of Br Adam at Buckfast Abbey, taking into account: the history of the Abbey; the context of beekeeping during the early part of the 20th century and the understanding of genetics and bees from that time. We look at why Br Adam became a celebrity beekeeper and why his work was so appealing to beekeepers all over the world. We reveal some of the lesser known facts about the Buckfast breeding programme and explain why we don’t follow that regime today. We finish by explaining what we do now and why.

Clare is a former Seasonal Bee Inspector (SBI) and writes a monthly column in BeeCraft. She has been at Buckfast Abbey for 10 years and is the Head Beekeeper.

Martin is also a former SBI and has been working at Buckfast for the last 4 years.

Bee Health Day

In conjunction with the NBU and by popular demand, Warwickshire Beekeepers are hosting a one day event that is open to beekeepers from across the country. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from the NBU Bee Inspectors how to keep your bees healthy, how to spot disease issues and the actions necessary should you discover a potential problem. A key part of the day the chance to inspect diseased comb so that we are better equipped to spot problems in the field. The course is ideal preparation for the BBKA Bee Health Assessment.

60 places

Queen Rearing Workshop – Cancelled

Due to restrictions in place due to the Covid-19 virus, the apiary will not be available during the lockdown period and the colonies therefore cannot be prepared.

Consequently, the event has now been cancelled.

This hands on introductory course will cover queen rearing methods suitable for those preparing for their General Husbandry Assessment or for those who wish to produce a few spare queens for their own apiary. The workshop, led by 3 GH assessors, will include stock selection, setting up cell raiser colonies, larval introduction using ‘Miller’ frames and grafted cell bars, setting up mating nucs and queen introduction. Materials will be provided. Delegates to provide own lunches and clean bee suits etc.

16 places




Registered Charity no.500276

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Meriden Village Hall, main road Meriden CV7 1NG

Please visit the Member pages to view relevant documents for the 2020 AGM.


deferred to 26 september 2020 at 10.00 AM


Two day Introduction to Beekeeping course – Shipston on Stour – Cancelled

Due to Covid-19 this course has been cancelled

Saturday 25/04/20 09.30 – 16.00  Brailes Village Hall OX15 5AS Theory – How a honeybee colony works; the beekeeping year; how to get started; essential equipment; harvesting your honey and wax.

Sunday 26/04/20 10.30 – 14.30  Practical at club apiary OX15 5HZ – Siting an apiary; assembling hive parts; apiary safety; inspecting a honeybee colony / handling bees (weather permitting)  Beesuits provided.

Light lunch and refreshments provided both days.

Cost £55 (couple £90)   Gift Voucher available.

Enrolment: www.sbka.org.uk/training

Enquiries: secretary@sbka.org.uk

Microscopy – Dissecting bees, and making slides.

This assumes the students have been on the ‘Beginners course’.  Covers how to dissect a bee for an Acarine disease examination. How to mount bees/specimens in wax so they can be dissected. The tools you need.  Some practice at dissecting.  Also covers the theory of preparing bee body parts to make anatomical slides.

£15 – bring your own lunch.

Limited to 12 places.

Microscopy – Dissecting bees, and making slides

Going further into the world of microscopy for beekeepers. Suitable for those who have practical experience having attended an Introduction course.

We will cover:-

  • A review of basic techniques
  • Making permanent slides
  • Dark field illumination
  • Oil immersion
  • Examination of honey samples
  • Bee dissections
  • An introduction to the BBKA microscopy certificate assessment

Refreshments provided, bring your own packed lunch.

Cost : £25 per person.

Microscopy for Beginners

Introduction to the world of microscopy for beekeepers. Suitable for those new to microscopy.

  • We will cover:-
  • The parts of the microscope and what they do;
  • Caring for and setting up a microscope
  • The uses of microscopes in beekeeping
  • The basic materials and equipment needed to get started
  • Some simple slide making techniques
  • Making your own glycerine jelly mountant
  • Using a microscope to identify Nosema
  • Attaching a camera to a microscope (including some simple and cheap DIY ideas!)

Participants will be provided with a starter kit to support microscopy at home.

Refreshments provided, bring your own packed lunch.

Cost : £25 per person

Introduction to Beekeeping – Cancelled

Due to Covid-19 the remainder of the sessions have been cancelled

Warwick and Leamington Beekeepers run a six session course in the theory and practice of beekeeping, At Kings Hill Nursery, Coventry  CV3 6PS
Mon evenings March 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 also Sat morning April 4

The course is aimed at those wishing to start keeping honeybees.

Cost : £70 (available as a Christmas present voucher)

Application forms can be found on the Warwick and Leamington Beekeepers or at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdtkhViIKzBFqRc-W1j2ipwyiGk_FcZ_Nr1I–_9UwAhDKbgA/viewform

World Bee Day

Slovenia proposed that the United Nations (UN) proclaim 20 May as World Bee Day. On 20 December 2017, following three years of efforts at the international level, the UN Member States unanimously approved Slovenia’s proposal, thus proclaiming 20 May as World Bee Day.
The purpose of the www.worldbeeday.org website is to present the initiative and its implementation, raise awareness of the importance of bees and beekeeping, inform the public of major beekeeping events around the world and celebrate World Bee Day.