deferred 2020 AGM referred to as Special General Meeting

1. Agenda for wbka SGM 26 september 2020

2. trustees for 2020

3. Agenda for the 2020 AGM deferred to 26 september 2020

4. honoraria and expenses policy

5. amendedAccounts 2019.pdf final

6. 139th AGM of WBKA draft minutes for issue (3)


140th Annual General Meeting of Warwickshire Beekeepers Association (deferred from 26 March 2020)

followed by a County Lecture

‘Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey’ by Clare Densley and Martin Hann.

All members of WBKA are invited to attend this on-line meeting to be conducted using Zoom web video technology. Full details to access the meeting will be provided beforehand, however registration is required. Papers for the AGM are available on the WBKA website (link required).  Please note that voting during the AGM is limited to Registered and Partner members of WBKA, but all members are welcome to attend.


“Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey’’ by Clare Densley & Martin Hann

The talk takes a look at the work of Br Adam at Buckfast Abbey, taking into account: the history of the Abbey; the context of beekeeping during the early part of the 20th century and the understanding of genetics and bees from that time. We look at why Br Adam became a celebrity beekeeper and why his work was so appealing to beekeepers all over the world. We reveal some of the lesser known facts about the Buckfast breeding programme and explain why we don’t follow that regime today. We finish by explaining what we do now and why.

Clare is a former Seasonal Bee Inspector (SBI) and writes a monthly column in BeeCraft. She has been at Buckfast Abbey for 10 years and is the Head Beekeeper.

Martin is also a former SBI and has been working at Buckfast for the last 4 years.