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    1. Rachel,

      Bee keeping courses tend to start in the new year, around late March or April. Some beekeeping branches run theory sessions over the winter.

      Within Warwickshire Beekeepers Association we have a number of Branches that cover North Warwickshire; indeed you are almost spoilt for choice! I would keep an eye on the individual websites for Warwick and Leamington; Solihull and District; Coventry; and possibly Nuneaton and Atherstone branch. If you want to email me the first 4 characters of your postcode I can work out the branch that would be ‘nearest’ to you; webmaster@wbka.org.uk


      Gary Thomas
      WBKA Webmaster

  1. Hello,
    I live on a farm in Kenilworth and would like to keep bees, I am a complete beginer so I would like to not only join to become a member but also learn how to look after and maintain bees..

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