About Us

Warwickshire has eight Branch Associations, each with a programme of activities throughout the year. Honey bees are only active during the spring and summer, so the summer programme focuses on the apiary and the practical aspects of managing honey bees through the season. During the winter months each branch arranges a programme of talks and demonstrations.

If you are thinking of keeping bees, it is a good idea to come to branch meetings and find out more about the hobby and experience handling bees before you finally decide that beekeeping is for you. Most branches also run short introductory courses, which are invaluable for the beginner and cover the history of beekeeping, the lifecycle of the honey bee, general husbandry, equipment requires and pests and diseases and their treatment. With a bit of knowledge when you take your first look at a hive, you see more than just a lot of buzzing insects.

The WBKA is a registered charity number 500276

WBKA’s current President is Maurice West and Chair Samantha Pecket